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serial experiments lainにJJ役でアニメに出演しsound track 『cyberia Mix』に参加したWASEI"JJ"CHIKADA氏によるserial experiments lain 24周年記念Album『Cyberia Layer:04』。


WASEI "JJ" CHIKADA, who appeared in serial experiments lain as JJ in the anime and participated in the sound track "cyberia Mix", has released the 24th anniversary album "Cyberia Layer:04". The CD jacket illustration was specially drawn by Yoshitoshi ABe, and the T-shirt is a full-color design using transfer printing. The photo on the back was taken in the late 1990s, the same time the anime was broadcast in Japan. It also contains a lot of gimmicks that lain fans will love.


■カラー (Color)


■サイズ (Size)


着丈/Shirt Length:69cm 

身幅/Chest Length:52cm

肩幅/shoulder width: 45cm

袖丈/Sleeve Length:62cm


着丈/Shirt Length:73cm

身幅/Chest Length:55cm

肩幅/shoulder width: 48cm

袖丈/Sleeve Length:63cm


着丈/Shirt Length:77cm

身幅/Chest Length:58cm

肩幅/shoulder width: 52cm

袖丈/Sleeve Length:64cm



The size indications are for reference only.

Due to the sewing process, there may be slight variations.





Material: Cotton/100

Country of origin: China

Processing: Japan

■配送重量 (Shipping weight)



messa store


■インフォメーション Information)






・The sizes shown are for reference only.Please note that there may be a slight error due to the sewing process.

・Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges after you have worn the item.

・Please note that we do not accept returns or exchanges after the item has been worn. 

・Some scuffs and broken prints may occur in the seams and underarm areas due to the product process. Please note that we do not accept any warranty for this product.

・The pictures and images of the products are for illustrative purposes only. The actual product may differ.

・The material (fabric, etc.) and specifications of the product are subject to change without notice.

・All rights reserved. No images or text may be reproduced without permission.

【Cyberia Layer:04 × messa store】 Flower of Life Long Sleeve T-shirt

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