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The download code will be sent to you within 12 hours via email.



(特典1) 高音質MP3データ


(特典2) Cyberia Layer:04 JJ’s bootleg DJ Mix

JJの未公開Non Stop DJ Mix (60分)の楽曲データをお付けします。

(特典3) 安倍吉俊さんの書き下ろしイラストのB4ポスターをCDに同梱します。


【CD purchase benefits】

(Benefit 1)  High quality sound MP3 music data

No need to import music from CD. You will receive a download code for the data by e-mail within 24 hours of purchase (for those who enjoy uncompressed data, please import directly from CD).

(benefits 2)  Cyberia Layer:04 JJ's bootleg DJ Mix

You will receive JJ's unreleased Non Stop DJ Mix (60 minutes).

(benefits 3) A B4 poster of Yoshitoshi ABe's newly written illustration will be included with the CD.

CD Album "Cyberia Layer:04" with MP3 music data

  • 国内送料はおおよそ以下の通りです。

    ・​CD3枚まで 185円(クリックポスト)


    ・キャップ1つ 185円(クリックポスト)

    ・ステッカー何枚でも 84円(普通郵便)など


  • Shipping costs from Japan to overseas are returning to pre-Covid19 levels. For many countries it is possible to ship in small packages with tracking numbers.

    ・Physical CDs are $8 (7 Euro) for up to two CDs

    ・One T-shirt is $10 (9 euros)

    ・Two T-shirts are $14 (13 euros)

    We can ship to the U.S., Canada, France, Germany, Brazil, and other countries that have a large number of fans, although it will be somewhat more expensive. In addition, some items can be shipped to the U.S. from our shipping base in California at a special rate.Asian countries can be shipped more cheaply. Please confirm exact rates at checkout.

    ※Shipping within the U.S. will be available after 1/9/2023.

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