serial experiments lainにJJ役でアニメに出演し、サウンドトラック『Cyberia Mix』に参加したWASEI"JJ"CHIKADA氏がアニメ放送20周年を記念してリリースしたAlbum『Cyberia Layer_02』。このCDジャケットのために安倍吉俊氏が特別に描き下ろしたイラストを前面に大きくデザインしたデニムスウェットフルジップパーカ。

安倍吉俊氏書き下ろしイラストの世界観を守りながら、エッジの効いたストリート系デザインに昇華させたメッサストアによるバックデザイン。『Cyberia Layer-02』の頭文字「CL02」をデザインしたクールなフォントをによる胸プリント。袖にも同じフォントで「Cyberia Layer」とプリントされてます。インディゴ染めでウォッシュがかったスウェット地が雰囲気漂うオシャレなデザインに仕上がった注目のデニムスウェットは、ステッチ部分のデニム特有の色落ち、アタリが絶妙な表情でヴィンテージ感あふれる作りです。

WASEI "JJ "CHIKADA, who appeared in the anime as JJ in "serial experiments lain" and participated in the soundtrack "Cyberia Mix", released the album "Cyberia Layer_02" to celebrate the 21st anniversary of the anime broadcast. This denim sweatshirt full zip hoodie features a large illustration specially drawn by YoshitoshiABe for the CD jacket.

The back of the hoodie is designed by Messa Store, which has sublimated the illustration into an edgy street-style design while keeping the world view of the illustration by Yoshitoshi Abe. The chest print features the initials "CL02" of "Cyberia Layer_02" in a cool font. The sleeves are also printed with "Cyberia Layer" in the same font. The indigo-dyed and washed sweatshirt is a stylish design with a faded and bruised look that is unique to denim, and the stitching gives it an exquisite vintage look.



The fabric is not a denim fabric. The fabric is not a denim fabric, but a sweatshirt dyed with indigo.


■カラー (Color)

■サイズ (Size)
着丈/Shirt Length:66cm 
身幅/Chest Length:51cm
袖丈/Sleeve Length:62cm

着丈/Shirt Length:69cm
身幅/Chest Length:54cm
袖丈/Sleeve Length:63cm

着丈/Shirt Length:72cm
身幅/Chest Length:57cm
袖丈/Sleeve Length:64cm

■素材 (Material)
綿 100% 裏パイル

100% cotton, pile backing


■配送重量 (Shipping weight)


■インフォメーション (Information)

・The sizes shown are for reference only.Please note that there may be a slight error due to the sewing process.
・Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges after you have worn the item.
・Please note that we do not accept returns or exchanges after the item has been worn. 
・Some scuffs and broken prints may occur in the seams and underarm areas due to the product process. Please note that we do not accept any warranty for this product.
・The pictures and images of the products are for illustrative purposes only. The actual product may differ.
・The material (fabric, etc.) and specifications of the product are subject to change without notice.
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  • この商品は受注生産品です。受注受付締め切りは1月10日です。発送は2022年2月中旬から下旬を予定しております。
    This product is made to order. The deadline for receiving orders is January 10th. Shipment is scheduled for mid to late February 2022.